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We offer 100,000 square feet 

of warehouse space

Our warehousing services

                                        DISTRIBUTION & DELIVERIES                 Picking & Packing 

Axion Réaction 's team has established partners carriers and warehouses throughout Canada. 

Allowing us to offer 100,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Our main warehouse has easy access to major distributors and is strategically located near Dorval Airport in Montreal. 

Our warehouses have been designed for storage and distribution and meet the industry standards.

Our property offers flexible warehousing for Long Term & Short Term storage. 

We can handle standard or non-standard loads, pallets, roll cages, barrels or more outsized loads.

Our warehouse has 6 docks with 2 drive-in docks.

We also have racking storage spaces available.

* In addition, with the help of our partners, we will soon offer access 

to storage spaces throughout the entire North America

As part of our warehousing serviceswe provide merchandise tracking, administration and inventory management throughout your International distribution.

Warehousing Logistic   Container De-stuffing and stuffing

We offer a container de-stuffing operation at our warehouse, including collection from port to delivery to your customers or your own warehouses anywhere in North America.